Events 2018

We think this list of events is relevant. That’s why simply collected them in a table. We are not the organizers of of these events!

If you think, we are missing an event, please contact us.

Event Date Place URL Remarks
Community Building Workshop 24.1.2018 Heidelberg    
International RSE Leaders Workshop 30.-31.1.2018 London  
Workshop “Research Software Engineering und Digital Humanities. Reflexion, Kartierung, Organisation.” 27.2.2018 Cologne DHd 2018  
Barcamp Open Science 12.3.2018 Berlin free!
RDA 11th Plenary Meeting 21.-23.3.2018 Berlin  
Collaborations Workshop 2018 26.-28.3.2018 Cardiff  
Research Software Engineers in the Geosciences 12.4.2018 Vienna session information + registration part of EGU General Assembly
de-RSE @ FROSCON13 25 August 2018 Sankt Augustin Event website - Programme free!
RSE18 3-4 September 2018 University of Birmingham  

Past Events

Events 2017

Event Date Place URL Remarks
DANS/SSI Workshop on Software Sustainability 7.-9.3.2017 Den Haag    
Barcamp Open Science 20.3.2017 Berlin free!
Open Science Conference 21.-22.3.2017 Berlin Early-Bird bis 14.2.
Collaborations Workshop 2017 27.-29.3.2017 Leeds  
2nd Conference on Non-Textual Information (S3) 10.-11.5.2017 Hannover  
RDA-DE-Trainings-Workshop-2017 8.-9.6.2017 Dresden…-2017  
EuroSciPy 2017 28.8.-1.9. Erlangen  
RSE17 7.-8.9.2017 Manchester  
Open-Access-Tage 2017 11.-13.9.2017 Dresden…  
WSSSPE5.2 24.10.2017 Auckland wssspe.researchcomputing…wssspe5-2/ 13th IEEE eScience
FORCE17 25.-27.10.2017 Berlin open access week